Time at dinosaur world!

Bharath, 5th Grade, Kensri School

One day I was relaxing in my relaxing chair. After few minutes of relaxing, a sound came from my door. TING—TONG—TING—TONG. I got up from my relaxing chair to see who is at the door. Ooops, I completely forgot to introduce myself. I like Geronimo Stilton, but I am not a mouse. My name is Bharath and publish books. I went to see who is at the door. When I opened the door, I saw Professor Deccinson. He was a scientist. He invented a new machine- Time machine.

Professor Deccinson took me to his lab. He said, let’s go the the time of Dinosaurs. We sat in the Time Machine and Professor started the time machine. One our way, the time machine broke down, but we successfully landed in the Dinosaur world. Professor Deccinson said to me that if the time machine doesn’t get repaired, we have to stay in Dinosaur world forever. I was shocked after hearing Prof Deccinson’s words, so even I helped Prof Deccinson to repair the Time Machine.

At night we slept in the Time Machine. Next day morning we explored the Dinosaurs’ world and returned to the Time Machine quite tired. I wanted to sit in a comfortable place but there weren’t any comfortable chair. Few days passed, earthquake and volcanos erupted, and at the same time luckily our Time Machine started working, and we head back home.

When I came home, first I sat on my relaxing chair. You guys can see how I love my relaxing chair, however the adventure at Dinosaur world was awesome. I wish I go again!


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