Kids Corner I love you Earth! says Blooming Budz kids on...

I love you Earth! says Blooming Budz kids on Valentine’s day


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What do you do on Valentine’s day? you express your love and care for your loved one’s through gift, flowers, chocolates etc…

But these little tots from Blooming Budz Pre-School choose Earth to express their love. Blooming Budz, a Pre-School in Anandnagar, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, took children to the nearby Kevin Park, Anandnagar and introduce them to nature and how to care for their nature.

Apart from enjoying their time in the park, children were taught how to keep their surroundings clean, through a small cleaning activity. Instilling a sense of cleanliness in young minds is important as this will cultivate as a habit as they grow.

Children were also let to collate things like twigs, leaves, sticks, etc,  in the park and they made beautiful valentine day cards for their loved ones.

Children were also introduced to the concept of growing plants. In small clay pot they sowed seeds and watered and they took their small pots home so they could see the seed sprout and grow. “We will not stop here. We have asked children and parents to equally take care of the seed. We will ask children to get back their saplings after few days and few best grown sapling with get a prize,” says Glady Rayan, Principal of the Blooming Budz.

“Children at this young age have a very good capacity to grasp and also understand. So it’s important we sow a good thought at this age, so they carry these good thoughts as they grow. It is indeed duty as teachers and parents to let our children learn the importance of nature right from the young age, so they inculcate the love for it as they grow,” adds Glady Rayan.


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  1. Dear All, fantastic team work to encourage children in the current situation of fast developments in the world which is important and to be taken care.

    Appreciate Mrs Glady for her sincere effort and interest shown . Taking care of children and teaching children is like serving to God.

    Thanks to all once again and my best wishes.

    Thanking you



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