Drinking whole creamy milk does not make one obese: Research study

Do you think drinking skimmed milk will reduce the risk of obesity? Do you buy skimmed milk as you are conscious about your child’s weight? In the market we get various coloured packaged milk differentiating the fat percentage in milk. Now, go easy in buying milk and without second thoughts pick up milk with good fat. Let your child enjoy a full cup of whole creamy delicious milk.

According to the recent research study published by ‘The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ higher cow milk fat intake is associated with lower childhood obesity. International guidelines that recommends reduced fat milk for children might not reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

The data was analysed from 28 existing studies across seven countries to understand the relationship between consumption of whole milk and obesity. The research was conducted on healthy children around 20,000 aged between 1-18 years old.

According to the research findings, those who drank whole milk had 40% lower chances of being obese when compared to those who drank skimmed milk. For more details click here to read.

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