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Is Executive (PM and cabinet ministers) part of the Legislature?



2019 general elections witnessed BJP victory with successfully bagging 300 seats in Lok Sabha. Narendra Modi was sworn-in as the Prime Minister for the second term.

On the swearing-in ceremony, Narendra Modi announced his council of ministers/cabinet ministers.

Who are Council of Ministers/Cabinet Ministers?

BJP won 300 seats of 520 seats in Lok Sabha during the 2019 general elections. Political parties like Congress, AAP, and other regional parties won the remaining 120 seats. As BJP won majority seats, they formed the government.

Narendra Modi, having won from Varanasi became the elected member of Lok Sabha. His party members selected him to be the Prime Minister of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, selects few candidates, who have won the elections, to form what is called Council of Ministers. They head various departments like finance, defence, education, infrastructure, etc.

Is PM and Council of Ministers part of the Legislature?

Of the 3 organs of the government, Legislature is the law making body. Legislature includes Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

The 2019 general elections was the elections to elect the members of Lok Sabha. As mentioned earlier, Lok Sabha has 520 seats and Indians voted to choose members to occupy that 520 seats.

BJP won 300 seats and leader of BJP party, Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. Although, he is the Prime Minister, he will continue and is a pre-requisite to be the member of the Lok Sabha.

Prime Minister selects his team- Council of Ministers to carry out the various functioning of the government departments. Council of ministers also advice Prime Minister on the governance of the country.

Every Council of Minister will continue and is a pre-requisite to be the member of the Lok Sabha.

Hence, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers will be member of the Lok Sabha and they can introduce a bill and should be part of every Lok Sabha deliberations.

This inclusivity of the Prime Minister and Council of Minister (EXECUTIVE) in the Legislature (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) is called Parliamentary form of government.

So, in India, in a parliamentary form of government, Executive (Council of ministers and PM) is part of the Legislature.

Click here to know more about Cabinet Ministers and Minster of States.



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