Daily Quiz Quiz on Growth of Nationalism (10th grade, ICSE Syllabus)

Quiz on Growth of Nationalism (10th grade, ICSE Syllabus)


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Quiz on Growth of Nationalism (10th grade, ICSE syllabus)

Keeping abreast with the recent announcement on MCQ exam pattern for 10th grade, here are practise MCQs on the chapter 'Growth of Nationalism'

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Aims of the Indian National Congress are as follows. Choose the odd one out

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Who started the first girl's school in Pune?

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Raja Rammohan Roy started a Bengali Weekly called

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Raja Rammohan Roy demanded the following political rights. Select the odd one

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Who was the Governor -General of India, who passed a law making Sati illegal and punishable by law

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The Indian National Congress split into two during which congress session?

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Who is the President of the first Indian National Congress session that was held in Mumbai?

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Who is called the father of Indian Renaissance and the prophet of Indian Nationalism?

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Who started Arya Samaj?

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Brahmo Sabha was founded in

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Who introduced the Vernacular Press Act?

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Who was the Viceroy of India when the Indian National Congress was formed?

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When was Indian National Congress was formed?

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Who founded Satya Shodhak Samaj in 1873

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During which Congress session(year) did the two wings of congress were united?

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