Kids Corner Learn ABCs of NASA

Learn ABCs of NASA


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Have you heard your 5 year old child saying ” I want to be an astronaut”? Have you ever wondered how to introduce children, at such a young age, to the world of space?

Well, NASA STEM Engagement program has slew of activities to learn and actively be a part of NASA. NASA STEM Engagement strives to involve children from grade K-12 in understanding NASA and latest developments.

For instance the High Flyers Alphabet Activity book  for grade K-2 has been created to introduce several basic aeronautics terms for children in kindergarten through second grade. The A-Z activity and colouring book contains work puzzles, and enables children to learn new words about NASA’s Commercial Crew Program that will launch astronauts to space on American rockets.

Here are the links below for printable activity books. Children can be introduced to aeronautic terms at a very early age with these activity sheets. There are other activities and information available online.

Check out the link below as per the child’s grade:

Source: NASA Pic Source: NASA
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