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SC: Centre given 4 weeks time to reply 144 petitions against CAA. No stay on CAA


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Supreme Court today, gave the central government 4 weeks time to reply to all the 144 petitions against Citizenship Amendment Act. Initially, there were only 60 petitions. On the day of hearing, i.e., today, it has increased to 144 petitions, according to media reports.

The Supreme Court bench was comprised of Chief Justice SA Bobde, Justice S Abdul Nazeer and Justice Sanjeev Khanna.

Supreme Court (SC) did not stay the CAA order, however, it did not say that CAA can be implemented.

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As a first step, SC has given direction to centre to reply to all the 144 petition against CAA and then SC will hear the case again.

SC said it will not pass interim order without hearing from the centre. However, SC suggested that the case may be referred to 5-judge constitution bench later to decide on the petitions against CAA case.

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What is Constitution Bench?

In Supreme Court generally 3 member bench hears the cases.

Whereas, the constitution bench will be set up on ad hoc basis and consists of 5 or more judges. It will be formed when a law (passed by the parliament) in question is with regard to the interpretation of the constitution.

Article 143 of Indian Constitution provides for the provision of forming a constitution bench when required.

Chief Justice of India is constitutionally authorised to constitute a constitution bench.


Petition: A formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority in respect of a particular cause.

Ad hoc: Created or done for a particular purpose as necessary.

Interim: The intervening time, meanwhile.

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