Replace touch screen with human touch

Vedhasmrutha Sathyan, Grade 8

Social media is an easy means of communication where users can express their feelings or take on the world, give out opinions or sometimes text anybody just to keep in touch. Social media is a vastly and most used service, which is available in various applications. Some of them are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. But too much of anything is bad.

According to a study, did you know that 38.6 % of the world‘s population is suffering from Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)? This disorder deals with people who are always on Facebook and cannot let down their phones for even one second.

Sure, you can find more information on social media but at the same time if you spend a lot of time on it you are straining your eyes, neck and sometimes even your mind. Intriguing right. People nowadays don’t communicate to people face-to-face. They prefer texting each other all the time. I don’t see anyone outside of my house anymore. I don’t hear the doorbell ring when it’s my birthday but all I hear is the social media apps going “Ting” a thousand times. People keep posting where they had been for holidays and what all they eat and so on and so on, but to be honest no one really cares. Many NGOs need help for promoting their activities but all theirs posts are being avoided because of other nuisance.

To get over the addiction of social media try deviating your mind to something more productive. Why not take a long good walk in the park or read the newspaper or something that does not involve your phone, tablet or laptops.

I feel everyone should put down their phones, drive over to their dearest ones and talk to them face to face rather than texting.

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