Chirp Chirp, I need water…

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bird bath 3

Like us, water is essential for the birds. They need water for drinking and preening. A drink keeps their bodies cool and a dip helps them take away dust, loose feathers and parasites from their plumage. So, let’s help our little friends by placing a bird bath in our patios. This could be a fun summer project for the kids.

DIY bird bath – Here’s what you’ll need-

1. 3 terra-cotta pots (sizes that could be stacked, say 12” 14” and 16”)

2. Terra-cotta saucer (say 4” in diameter bigger than your biggest pot to be proportionate and also it must be 1” to 2” in height so it isn’t too deep for the birds). Smaller saucer as shown in the picture is optional

3. Water based paints and brushes

5. Glue (Super glue or E6000 can be used)

6. Sealer

1. Stack the pots upside down placing the large pot at the bottom, then medium and small pot on top. 

2. You could paint the pots or just the rim or choose not to paint. If painted let dry completely. 

3. Do not paint the inside of the terra-cotta saucer where water is placed as the paints may not be completely toxic free for birds.

4. Apply glue on top of the small pot (which is upside down) and place the terra-cotta saucer on it. 

5. Spray sealer according to directions on the bottle and let dry.

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