Kids Corner An Avid reader in the making

An Avid reader in the making


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Ajay Rajesh, Class 5

My favourite hobby is reading. I have read many books. I read stories, fantasy and non fiction. When I am reading, I live in the book, and my mother and teacher have a tough time asking me to have meals or play or get back to studies. I loose track of time- several times. I have nearly missed my lunch in 3rd grade because I was reading a comic book.

My current favourite fiction book is “Sherlock Holmes:The complete Novels and Stories”. The stories are very logical and have clues  throughout the cases. They are mysterious. The book is set in century old England and gives me an idea of life during that time. The best case amongst all of Sherlock Holmes that I liked is “A study in Scarlet”. Its the first of the cases and it introduces the world of Sherlock Holmes to me. This book helps me discover words which I have not found in any other book, such as, the word- Pince-nez. It means a pair of spectacles that do not have ear support, but instead have a clip on the nose. Some of the cases have no crimes, but instead describe a personal dilemma that is resolved thanks to Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes Vocabulary:

Gable: Triangular upper part of a wall at the end of a ridged roof usually found in older building

Carbuncle: A garnet cut into a round shape

Blanched: White or pale

Coronet: A small crown

Premeditated: Planned in advance


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