Check out Zentangle and Lippan Kaam workshops conducted by Sevita Centre for Arts

Sevita Centre for Arts provides an opportunity to benefit across various aspects, such as:

1) Enhanced Development of Children’s abilities
2) Health Benefits for Everyone
3) Freedom from Stress and Better Harmony in Life

Sevita delivers special programs for

Early Years ( 4yrs to 6yrs)

Elementary Years (7yrs to 10yrs)

Middle and High School Years (11yrs to 17yrs)

Sevita also Coach students getting into Design Based Professional Course Seniors ( 18yrs +)  and also provide Art Teacher Training Certificate Program

Sevita cater to special programs such  Art as a Therapy / Corporate Events/ Family Bonding/ Beautification and much more…..

Reach Sevita on +91 9845129377
[email protected]

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