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Art and Yoga has been a part of my life, and I learnt the basics of both from my mother. Learnt crochet, knitting, tatting, painting, macrame, many more of such art as well as Yoga. Yoga as always helped to keep my body and mind healthy. Be it Art or Yoga, both needs time and effort. There are times when I cannot do Yoga, and Art has always come to rescue to keep my mind active and healthy. Well, Art may not be burning loads of calories, but definitely burn all the unwanted calories in head.

Art- As good as meditation

What is meditation? When I meditate, to begin with, I consciously try to let go of everything and try to focus on my breathing rhythm. Working on any form of art, I let go of every other worry in this world, concentrate completely on what I am working on. I forget everything else in this world and just work on wanting to see the finished product. It relaxes and calms my mind as I concentrate and work on rhythmically till I complete the project.

From Om to Shavasana

From chanting Om and performing all the Asanas till one rests to Shavasana, yoga follows certain principles and techniques. So is Art, which begins with deciding what project to undertake. Followed with choosing right materials, medium, and choosing colours that actually determines ones’ state of being. Every art form has principles and techniques to follow. From beginning till end, one has to concentrate and follow the pattern to complete the work.

A huge-stress buster

Yoga helps to relieve stress. One hour of yoga and meditation concentrating on our breathe and conscious letting go of all the thoughts rejuvenates our body and mind. So does Art. Art, concentrating on a piece of work enables one to forget every other thoughts unconsciously and helps the mind to be creative to complete that piece of work. The completed projects are mostly gone as gifts to my dear ones. The happiness you see on their face and the appreciation received from them are worth a million. There is no stress… it is just the pleasure of working. The happiness one finds in these small pleasures in life is unexplainable. Numerous researches have also proven that art in any form is a stress buster and a very good antidote for anxiety. Why wait for studies to prove it, why not experiment it?

Tip of our fingers – Yoga Mudra

Art in any form we mostly use our tip of our fingers. In Yoga Mudra, fingers are used to meditate, calm the mind, balance energy in the body and mind and restore physical health. Babies use their hands to sense, feel and explore their world. As we grow older we have forgotten the essence of it. It is said that tips of each finger connects body and mind. While doing crochet or painting or anything, one continuously uses fingertips rhythmically that actually gives a gentle massage to fingertips and hands. No wonder it calms ones’ mind.


No age, race discrimination… 

There is no age limit or discrimination in terms of race or creed etc., to practise Art or Yoga. Everyone belonging to any age or race, from a toddler to senior citizens can practise Yoga and Art.

So, what are you waiting for, take a brush and also give one to your child and explore the infinite world!

Happy art yoga-ing!


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