During monsoon eat healthy and stay healthy

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With monsoon comes ailments. Gone are those days when parents fearlessly let children enjoy rains…. drenched to the bone, dance, jump in mud puddle, make paper boats and let it sail down the small stream in front of the house…

Unlike earlier, especially urban parents are lot worried these days. In villages, children still enjoy these simple pleasures of life. “It’s the dust and other pollutants in air gets mixed with the rain water that causes allergy to the children in cities. Children who are prone to allergy is better to stay away from getting soaked in rain,” says Doctor Divya Gorur, Dermatologist.

“One do not catch cold by getting wet in rain. If children are not prone to allergies, they can enjoy the rain with precautions. After getting wet, one should avoid eating ice cream or cold drinks. A hot shower and hot beverage is advisable,” says Doctor Gorur.

Earlier days, there was no Dengue nor Chikungunya. Now, with monsoon, threat of these mosquito borne illness looms in.

“With monsoon setting in, water, air and mosquito borne illness increases. It is better not to eat uncooked food outside and always keep your surroundings clean. Do not let water stagnate anywhere,” she adds.

Some dos and don’ts


  • Let your child enjoy rains if they are not allergic
  • If allergic let them wear raincoat and enjoy the rain
  • Get back the child in you and make paper boat with your child and let it sail down the small stream in front of your house
  • After playing in rain have a hot shower
  • Drink hot milk or hot soup to keep yourself warm and cozy
  • Eat Vitamins A, C and D rich food.
  • Eat papaya, pomegranate, banana and drink fresh lemon juice at home everyday
  • For toddlers, parents can rub Vicks Vapour or Nilgiri Thaila on their foot so that they do not catch cold
  • Keep your garden and surroundings clean
  • Last but not the least, when on road watch for potholes while raining.
  • Use mosquito repellants (odomos cream) when playing in the park.
  • Stay warm


  • Do not drink water or juice outside or add ice to juice in restaurants
  • Do not eat without washing hands
  • Avoid eating anything uncooked food like chat – Pani Puri, cut fruits, outside.
  • If your child is allergic do not let them get soaked in rain. They may catch cold.
  • Do not hoard junk around your house as water may stagnate there.
  • Keep your surroundings clean
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