MUN helps to build confidence, public speaking, understand world affairs, say children participating in CLMUN

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From an intense debate at Security Council on February 14, 2019 Pulwama attack, heated discussion at Berlin Summit 2030 on a global war situation to SPECPOL with 96 delegates discussing on Militarisation and Weaponisation of Space, and much more, CLMUN truly lived up to its tagline debate, deliberate and deliver.

CV Ranganathan, retired IFS officer and a former ambassador of India to China inaugurated Clarence Model United Nations (CLMUN) on 28th June, 2019. It is a two-day event.

Speaking at the inaugural session CV Ranganathan expressing his appreciation to children, said, “The fact that representatives from various school have come to CLMUN shows their deep interest in United Nations. Indian Foreign Services requires such young minds and do great service to country, which I find extremely exciting.”

Speaking about the current pressing global issue, “All over the world there is a phenomena of high school children becoming conscious of global warming. More awareness should be brought about regarding global warming and aim to establish a sustainable future,” said CV Ranganathan.

Speaking about children’s understanding of polity, economy, current affairs, CV Ranganathan said, “Present day is driven by consumerism. Civic awareness is missing at large. Civic awareness should be taught from family. Parents should teach their children, and school and teachers also play a significant role.”

26 schools across Bangalore, to mention few, Bishop Cottons, St. Josephs Boys High School, Presidency School, Gopalan National School, participated at CLMUN. CLMUN witnessed delegates representing various countries buzzing with positive energy, self-confidence, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and debate.

Children had done good research on each concerned topics, and discussed and debated with great zeal at the conferences. Children demonstrated confidence, passion for the subject, in-depth knowledge on the subject, oratory skills, to mention few.

Aditya V Prakash, 9th grade from Clarence School, delegate at MUN, says, “I like debate. MUN has helped me in improving my public speaking skills, and especially to talk on spot. I want to get into civil services.”

Micah Joseph, 9th grade from Clarance School, delegate at MUN, was quite excited to be part of MUN. MUN has refined my researching skills and provides great insight about world affairs. I has improved my speaking skills, effective communication skills and self-confidence. I can make people understand what I want to convey, says Micah Joseph with great zest.

Yash Khanna, Co-Chairperson, Security Council, from Bishop Cotton Boys School has 6 years of experience participating at various MUN. He has won accolades at Havard MUN and IVY League MUN. Speaking with News4Children, he said, “I had the aptitude for debate and MUN provides a great platform for debate and discussions. After being part of MUN for 6 years I aspire to be an IFS officer.” having finished his 12th grade, Yash has got admission to Gujarat National Law School.

Akash PM, 10th grade from Clarence School, speaking to News4Children said, “I had personal interest in global trends. MUN led me to understand an issue more broadly. By representing a country at MUN, which I personally dint agree to, I came to understand the other side of the coin. Personally, I am much more an extrovert now after being part of MUN from past 2 years.”

“Being part of MUN is a confidence booster, makes me feel good as a person, improve negotiating skills, understand politics and world affairs,” said Syed Ali, 9th grade from Clarence School.

Durrah, 12th grade from Bishop Cotton Girls School, says,”At MUN we need to research a lot. There is no place for impulsive talking. We have to think and talk. That is a great take away.”

“At Clarence High School, we have always believed in the significant difference that small changes by
a few can cause in the lives of many. Inspired by this thought, CLMUN 2019 has been conceptualized,
making the possibility of impactful changes become reality,” said Dr Jerry George Mathew, Principal, Clarence High School.

CLMUN, a child project of the co-ordinator and teacher Mr. Joyson EJ, which was started 5 years back at an intra-house level, is grown to be a full fledge inter-school level two-day programme with 350 participants this year. “It was a worthwhile project started with the support of previous Vice Principal Mrs N Lawrence. Our students initially were exposed to basic committees and then we took it forward. It provides a great platform for children for their self-development,” said Mr. Joyson.

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