Model United Nations at Clarence High School to host 350 delegates representing 90 countries

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During school days, to participate in Model United Nations (MUN) is a great pride to students. What more can students ask when a Model United Nations is organised at their own school and students play a significant role in organising and participate as delegates at MUN.

Clarence High School, Bangalore, started MUN 5 years back. Started as an intra-school event, in 2018 they took the plunge to organise inter-school event in Bangalore. This year, CLMUN, an inter-school event is happening on 28-29 June.

CV Ranganathan, retired IFS officer and a former ambassador of India to China will be the chief guest of the opening ceremony. CV Ranganathan joined Indian Foreign Services in 1959. He has also served Government of India in Bonn, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, Moscow and Paris.

“Though Clarence Model United Nations is just launching its second edition, we are no strangers to
the competitive circuit of Model UN. I am proud of our students, past and present who have made
their mark these few years, by participating, leading and winning an array of accolades at a large
number of MUN, locally and nationally,” Dr Jerry George Mathew, Principal, Clarence High School.

Other prominent schools which host MUN are Vidya Niketan (Bangalore Model United Nations), Cottons Model United Nations, St. Joseph Boys High School, Bishop Cottons girls school, Sophia School, Jain Heritage School, JIRS and ROTA by SJCC college.

2019 CLMUN Theme and Structure

With 350 delegates representing 90 countries, CLMUN will witness intense debate and discussions for two days.

Keeping in focus on the current happenings, the topics of discussions include – Mexican Drug War, Tension in the Indian Subcontinent -February 14, 2019, To restore the status quo and de-escalate hostilities, Ethical implication of the Implementation of AI, Formation of a comprehensive framework to prevent large scale economic offences and to deal with fugitive offenders, Militarisation and Weaponization of space, Aerial Incident of 27 July 1955 – Israel v Bulgaria.

This year in CLMUN, there will be 90 countries representing in the SPECPOL, which is the largest committee.

This year CLMUN have 7 committees

  1. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  2. United Nations Security Council
  3. Historic International Court of Justice
  4. Commission on Science and Technology Development
  5. Emergency Stakeholders Meet
  6. The Berlin Summit 2030
  7. Special Political and Decolonisation Committee (SPECPOL)

Being organised on a larger scale compared to previous years, CLMUN is one of the largest MUN in Bangalore.

Through these discussions and deliberations, the youth is definitely provided a platform to understand the essence of international affairs and to put forth resolutions and come to a common consensus.

For more information click on What is MUN and What is United Nations Organisation







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