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Can military action end terrorism? IAF pilot is confirmed missing during counter operation today


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With Balakot attack carried out by Indian Air Force, Pakistan retaliated by violating the ceasefire at Line of Control (LOC) today morning. According to latest report in media, Pakistan jets have crossed LOC and IAF have launched counter operations. During the chase, Pakistan air force shot down Indian aircraft and the IAF pilot is missing in action, Minister of External Affairs have confirmed.

Balakot attack

On 26th February, Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out aerial raids on Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) training camp at Balakot, Pakistan.

Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale confirmed the air strikes being carried out by IAF. At a press briefing he informed that many of the JeM terrorist, trainers and senior commanders were killed including Maulana Yusuf Azhar alias Ustad Ghauri, brother-in-law of JeM chief Maulana Masood Azhar, according to Times Now report.

Foreign secretary said that, this pre-emptive air strike was carried based on the credible intelligence received on JeM attempting another terror attack in various parts of India.

Pulwama suicide terror attack

The Balakot attack was carried out in response to Pulwama suicide terror attack by JeM on February 14, 2019. Over 40 Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed in the worst terror attack in Pulwama. It was organised by Jaish-e-Mohammad organisation based in Pakistan.

Pulwama is a town and a notified area committee in Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir. It is 40 kms from the summer capital of Srinagar.

Post Pulwama attack, India initiated the process to isolate Pakistan in the international level. India also announced to withdraw ‘Most Favoured Nation’ status conferred to Pakistan. Narendra Modi government also gave full independence to army forces to tackle terrorism.

Attack to boost Modi’s public appeal

These terrorist attacks are particularly intriguing as general elections are just two months away.  The retaliatory actions taken by Modi Government has certainly boost his appeal among Indian people.

Recently, Modi government was faced with many challenges – such as Rafeal deal irregularities, unemployment at peak, farmers unrest, etc. Further, BJP lost in the Assembly Elections that was held in 5 states – Mizoram, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh in December 2018, which did question their credibility about winning the next general elections. The assembly elections results were also a precursor of the public mood.

Is fighting /war a solution?

Terrorism is not yesterday’s phenomena. Terrorism has been there in this world for centuries now. If fighting and war was the solution, then the world powers could have eliminated Terrorist long back. ‘War on terrorism’ will lead to never ending cycle of violence and many lives are lost. Whereas negotiations and peace talks may be the best way forward.

However, going to the root of the problem, how are terrorist recruited? They are brainwashed to join the terror camp. Governments across the world need to understand- why an individual join the terror camp? There is a need to understand the situation of an individual, who can be easily brainwashed to join terror camps.

The challenge to India and the international community is how to change or tackle the messages propagated by the terrorist to recruit young ones. How to tackle the appeal of messages that inspire people to join terror camp and also commit horrendous suicide attack? If efforts are made to put an end to these terror and negative propaganda, many lives can be saved from joining the terror camp.

Military actions and law enforcement may work on few individuals to give up terrorism, but however military actions cannot stop promotion of the extreme interpretation of an ideology or religion, that is leading to terrorism.










So to understand MFN status, let’s understand what is trading between countries and World Trade Organisation (WTO).


What is trade between countires? What is WTO? What is Most Favoured Nation status?

When you go to shop to buy chocolate or chips, you pay certain price/amount and buy the items. This is called trading. So, it’s an action or activity of buying and selling goods and services.


Why trading happens between countries?

Man cannot live in isolation. She/he needs friends, neighbours, a community to live in. We build relationships with our friends, neighbours for our mutual existence and benefits. In the same way, in this world no country can live in isolation. Every country have to build and maintain a good relationship with neighbours, friends and others for mutual existence and benefits.


Trading between nations is not new. Long distance commerce has existed for centuries.





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