Fun Solar System with rice, pulses, rava...

Solar System with rice, pulses, rava…


#Activity 1: Sand Play

#Activity 2: Glass Painting

#Activity 3: Fun with grains

My son’s recent fascination is solar system. I guess every child will be fascinated about something or the other. From watching TV to painting, reading books etc., all would be related to solar system. I made him do colouring, painting, etc. I got solar system books and read to him. I made him do puzzle too. One fine day, as I was wondering what else to do, I saw my son trying to play with rice in the kitchen. So I decided to use kitchen items to make solar system and he was quite excited about the same.

Age: 2 years to 6 years

Things required:

  • A full size KG cardboard
  • Acrylic colours
  • Glue
  • Grains: Rava, rice, turdal, Uraddal, channadal (Use any pulses you desire)

How to go about:

  • Draw the solar system (you can choose your child’s favourite topic. It can be Human body, flowers, butterfly, forest, etc.)
  • Take nine small bowls: Add one grain in each bowl. To get different colours, mix few drops with rava to get the desired colour. Do the same with rice. For turdal you need not mix colour. You can mix colour to uraddal. So you have 9 different colours in nine bowls.
  • Spread glue on Sun and sprinkle Yellow Rava. Spread glue on mercury and sprinkle your choice of colored grain.
  • As much as possible let your child do it. Let your child mix color with grains. Let she/him spread the glue, sprinkle the grain, etc.

With this activity, the child will learn color, concept of mixing color, improves their sensory skills and will surely have fun with grains.

With everything available at home, you just have to buy a KGCardboard… Less cost and more fun…

Have fun playing with grains!

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