Magic Pot, a great activity book for 3 plus year olds

Keeping children occupied is a humongous task. Everyday we need to come up with different tasks and activities. They get bored if we do the same activity day after day. Parents need to figure out what the child likes, be innovative and prepare for the same.

First 5 years of the child is very important and that determines their skills and personality for the rest of their lives, according to experts. I spend lot of time deciding and preparing for an activity for my son everyday. It should be different and it should keep his attention for sometime. Definitely, there should be a small take away too for the child. The activity should be enjoyable and should improve their motor and sensory skills and also should fuel their fast developing neurons.

I have many activity books, and wherever I go, I always have a keen eyes towards children books. We were travelling toward Mangalore. We stopped for breakfast at Kamat and Kamat always have adjoined Channapatna toys shop. I found Magic Pot book there. Magic Pot book, published by Manorama. When I was a child I used to read Manorama comic books and other books too. Manorama publication, drew my attention and picked it up for my son.

It just cost Rs 15 for one Magic Pot book. I was even more elated. I picked all the Magic Pot publication available on the stand. They have nice quick small stories with moral, colouring activity, spot the difference, maze, join the dots, and many more along with beautiful colourful pictures.

My son just loves those books and I have even subscribed them too. It is an amazing activity book for such low prize and my son enjoys it to. What more a mother can ask for! What are you waiting for… Go ahead and explore the Magic Pot!

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Happy activity-ing…!

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