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Constitutional flaw may be a reason for Sheikh Hasina to be elected for the fourth time as Prime Minister of Bangladesh



Sheikh Hasina Wazed got elected as the 10th Prime Minister of Bangladesh. She got elected for the fourth time. Having held office since 2009, she is the longest serving Prime Minister in Bangladesh.

The ruling coalition – Awami League party and its allies won a landslide victory of 288 seats of 300 seats during the election that’s was held on Sunday.

Facts about Sheikh Hasina

  • Sheikh Hasina was born in Tungipara, East Pakistan on 28 September 1947.
  • She is the daughter of Bangladesh’s first President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
  • She has been applauded for economic growth during her tenure
  • But she has also been criticized for her authoritarian rule
  • In September, her government gave temporary shelter and aid to Rohingya refugees and urged Myanmar to end violence against Rohingya Muslim.

Some of the reasons that may be the reason for Sheikh Hasina being elected for the 4th time:

There are few controversial issues with the Constitution of Bangladesh which gives more authoritarian powers to Prime Minister.

  • According to Article 70 of the Constitution of Bangladesh, Members of Parliament do not have a free vote in the Jatiyo Sangshad (Parliament of Bangladesh) . MPs will lose their seats if they vote against their party. This bars the Jatiyo Sangshad from removing a prime minister from office through no confidence motions. Critics argue that Bangladesh’s parliament is a rubber stamp and a lame duck.
  • In Westminster systems/Parliamentary system, the dissolution of parliament takes place when a general election is called. The fifteenth amendment to the Constitution of Bangladesh in 2011 allowed parliament to continue during an election period. Critics have questioned whether a free and fair election can be held with sitting MPs.

Opposition has criticised Hasina for vote-rigging and using illegal means to gain a landslide victory during this elections. Opposition is demanding fresh elections under a neutral government.

What is dissolution of parliament ?

In a parliamentary form of government, the elected members of the parliament will stay in power for 5 years from the day of the appointment. Immediately after 5 years the Lok Sabha/Lower House is dissolved, and next elections are announced. After Dissolution the Minister and Prime Minster do not hold any power. The President will dissolve the House from time to time.

What is no confidence motion?

Any member of the Lower House can introduce the no confidence motion in the house. No confidence, is to express that the members are not confident about the ruling party/ government to carry out the governance of the country. If the no confidence motion is passed majority of the members, then the government or the ruling party has to vacate the office and fresh elections are announced. It its not passed by the majority then it stands defeated.

Source: Wikipedia
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