Kids Corner How to keep kids hydrated this summer?

How to keep kids hydrated this summer?


Divya Rabindra@NFC

It is summertime! With the sand, beach, vacations, summer camps, sun and fun comes the dreadful duty of a parent to get the optimal amount of water into a child’s body. The daily dose of water that a child needs depend on factors such as age, weight, activity level, diet and climate. So as a general rule of thumb, it’s 6-8 glasses a day.

 Now don’t fret my friends. We will look at a few simple healthy options to entice the little ones into keeping hydrated.

 1. Flavor-infused water:  Fill up a glass pitcher/carafe with filtered water and ice and try any of the below combinations.

 Cucumber + mint

Orange + cinnamon stick + lemon

Strawberry + lemon + mint

Watermelon + kiwi + lemon

Lemon + ginger root + mint

 Let the kids get involved in filling, slicing and garnishing, that makes them want to taste their hard work. They end up drinking a little more than usual. The infused water keeps well for 2-4 hrs outside and then move it into the fridge.

 2. Switch up the good old water with a new swirly straw ( steel or paper ones) or his/her favorite character glasses.

 3. Lemon juice with cardamom.

4. Barley water. If the plain barley water isn’t making the cut, then add a little milk, sugar and a squeeze of lime. Keeps well in air right containers for 2 days. Use the cooked barley for salads.

 5. Buttermilk with ginger and coriander leaves.

 6. Place lemon pieces or berries and water into ice cube tray. Freeze. Let the kids pop it into a glass of water.

7. Kids will ape what they see. So be a role model and form healthy family habits.

 8. Sticker reward system for the tough little ones.

 9. Always carry a water bottle and choose water over other sugary beverages and soda.

 Happy summer!

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